A Whole new experience!

First of all Hello and welcome to XanOnline world,

In order to start playing, we should have already registered and downloaded the game and once
we have done that, a player logs in with the ID and Password used in registration.
Once in Login screen.. five characters will be seen, Knight, Magician, Archer, Thief and Shaman
every character has its own feature which gives it benefit over the other as the Knight is a highly
defensive character, while Magician mostly uses spells and magic to defeat her enemy, Archer
always spots her enemies from a range and hunt them down fast, while Thief hides and seek
enemy's weakness.
Shaman summons rises the unknown power as it defeat its enemy, Now that we have created a
Character, Once in the battlefield, Player needs to talk to the "Starter sergeant" to complete his
first mission open inventory and wear up the items he has been given and it's time to get involved
into the war exploring around.